5 characteristics that a (good) wood-fired oven for pizzeria must have

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11 February 2020
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27 July 2020
5 caratteristiche che un (buon) forno a legna per pizzeria deve avere

5 caratteristiche che un (buon) forno a legna per pizzeria deve avere

5 characteristics that a (good) wood-fired oven for pizzeria must have

Why choosing a good wood-fired pizzeria oven makes a difference

Are you about to open a pizzeria and do you want to change the oven, because you’re not satisfied with performance of the one you’re using? The wood-fired pizzeria oven is an extremely important thing for many reasons, but what characteristics does it have to have to “churn out” excellent results?

Wood-fired pizza oven: what characteristics does it have to have?

Knowing how to handle the fire is a real genuine art and is gratifying for cooks, bakers, and pizza-makers, but today, by using an innovative oven, it’s not essential to be experts to use the wood and obtain quality products.

But how can that be, and what characteristics does a wood-fired oven have to have so that your pizzeria really makes a difference?

  1. Circle or oval shape: to maintain optimal airflow on the inside and to achieve perfect cooking on every point.
  2. Vault: the shape changes based on the dish you have to cook, to make it as functional as possible, and it has to be made out of refractory material to reach high temperatures.
  3. Door: there are proportions which have to be met. In fact, if the mouth is too high over the dome, it loses too much heat through the mouth when you open it; indeed, heat goes upwards, so the mouth has to be low.
  4. Cook plate: has to be made out of refractory material and highly resistant to withstand wear and tear from use and from the rubbing of tools to clean it (to prevent buildup of ashes and flour from past cooking) and guarantee high performance in transferring and recovering heat.
  5. Thermometer: you need it to check that the temperature stays constant, so you can get a pizza that is cooked and golden brown to a T.

Marana Forni’s innovations

To achieve the best results, the wood-fired pizzeria oven designed and made by Marana Forni, perfects some fundamental characteristics with constructive expedients and innovative patents:

  • Oven rotation: you need it to have the cook plate hot on every point, avoid turning the pizza, cook uniformly, and facilitate pizza insertion/extraction.
  • Lifting of the cook plate: the SU&GIU rotating oven lets you cook at different heights to seek the most suitable heat and get fast heating.
  • Turbo: is a supplementary space created below the cook plate.
  • Microperforated cook plate: the surface of the microperforated plate allows the pizza to expel the cooking humidityand let the flour settle. The plate’s high-density construction material helps let more heat accumulate, ensuring better, cleaner, and more fragrant cooking.
  • It has three openings:
  • wood-loading mouth/view of the flame opening thanks to the window separate from the pizza mouth;
  • ash drawer/air outletwhich lets you regulate the airflow;
  • Filling mouthwhich keeps cold air from going over the pizzas so as to maintain the temperature constant, thanks to its special shape that holds heat in.

The products by Marana Forni, historic leader on the Italian market and abroad, are unique in the quality of the material and above all, for the vastitude of the range and innovations:  we produce ovens suited to all needs, because every model has different optionals and functions according to the type of pizzeria, pizza type, design, and professional experience of the pizza-makers.

If you’re looking for a wood-fired oven for your pizzeria that combines craftsmanship and design, check out our website and contact us for any information or type of consultancy.