Are you a restaurant owner? How to pick the best pizza ovens

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3 November 2020
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Ristoratore? Come scegliere tra i migliori forni per pizza

Ristoratore? Come scegliere tra i migliori forni per pizza

Are you a restaurant owner? How to pick the best pizza ovens

How to pick the oven for your restaurant from among the best ovens

Are you about to make your dream of opening a restaurant come true, or do you want to change your oven to pick a more efficient one? To guarantee your place’s success, you absolutely must not underestimate this decision.

So here’s a quick guide on how to choose the most suitable to your needs from among the best pizza ovens.

Pizza oven: what characteristics does it have to have?

Whether it’s wood-burning or runs on gas, you can assess a good oven based on some fundamental factors, which are:

  • Circular or oval, so that it can maintain optimal airflow on the inside and guarantee uniform cooking.
  • Vault. If made of refractory material, you can reach high temperatures; plus, it has to be arched upwards, never flat, for proper smoke circulation.
  • Respecting the proportions is fundamental: if too high over the dome it lets heat out through the mouth when you open it; so it has to be low, and not too wide.
  • Cook plate. For example, the cook plate in refractory stone ensures resistance to abrasion and rubbing of tools, but also high performance in transferring and recovering heat.
  • Thermometer: having this tool lets you check to make sure the temperature remains constant, to get perfectly cooked pizza over every part.

How do you pick the best pizza ovens?

We saw what fundamental characteristics make a good oven, but to really be able to say it’s best on the market, it has to be innovative and at the same time follow tradition.

That’s why we’ve decided to illustrate all the constructive and technological expedients devised, invented, and patented by Marana Forni:

  • Oven rotation: the rotating pizza oven’s cook plate turns on its own, staying hot all over so that it cooks uniformly, cutting downtime since you never have to turn or move the pizzas, not even the Neapolitan ones.
  • SU&GIU Function: this raises the cook plate to cook the pizza at the height where the temperature is optimal, with considerable savings on fuel.
  • Three openings: wood mouth/view of the flame see-through opening separate from the oven mouth; ash drawer/air outlet which lets you regulate the airflow: filling mouth, both for filling the oven and taking out the pizzas, which can be equipped with the optional “filling mouth closure”, which keeps outside air from going over the cook plate, keeping the temperature uniform inside the oven.

All these innovative characteristics have helped make Marana ovens famous both at home and abroad. Ask the most well-known expert pizza-makers which pizza ovens are the best! You can check out the different Rotoforno models in our catalog, from the classic one to the Genius model, which also let less experienced pizza-makers churn out great results thanks to the inner algorithms that enable it to cook entirely on its own.

Choose whatever power type you want without having to trade-off quality, because we produce professional wood-fired pizza ovens but also that run on gas, combining tradition, innovation, and design.

Contact us to get more information or make an appointment and try our ovens at the Verona offices.