3 December 2020
Forno professionale per pizza

How is a professional pizza oven built?

The characteristics your professional pizza oven must have. Are you are planning to open your restaurant/pizzeria, or do you want to refurbish your place’s equipment and you’re looking for a new professional pizza oven? If you’re not an expert on the subject, you’re definitely wondering how to pick one and what aspects to evaluate most carefully.
3 December 2020
Peso ideale di una pizza

The weight of a pizza: what is ideal and what it depends on

How much does pizza weight matter, and how do you cook it perfectly. Do you dream of becoming an authentic pizza-maker, opening a pizzeria, and would you like to discover all the secrets of this iconic dish?
3 December 2020
Il tempo di cottura del pane dipende dal forno che si usa?

Does the cooking time for bread depend on the oven you’re using?

How the oven influences the cooking time for bread and which to choose. Are you about to open a bakery, or would you like to hone your bread making skills, too, at your restaurant?
12 November 2020
Impasto per una pizza croccante: quanto dipende dal forno?

Dough for a crunchy pizza: how much does it depend on the oven?

How and where to cook the dough for a crunchy pizza. Thick and soft or thin and crunchy: what type of pizza do you want to make at your place?
3 November 2020
Ristoratore? Come scegliere tra i migliori forni per pizza

Are you a restaurant owner? How to pick the best pizza ovens

How to pick the oven for your restaurant from among the best ovens. Are you about to make your dream of opening a restaurant come true, or do you want to change your oven to pick a more efficient one?
3 November 2020
Impasto per pizza professionale: esiste una ricetta unica?

Dough for professional pizza: is there one recipe for all?

How do you make professional pizza and what oven do you cook it in? Some like it soft and supple, and some like it thin and crunchy: obviously, were talking about the dough for professional pizza.
27 July 2020
Come impastare la pizza: 3 consigli per aspiranti pizzaioli

How to knead pizza: Three tips for aspiring pizza-makers

The secrets for kneading pizza following the traditional recipe. Kneading is the same as building and those who dream of becoming a professional pizza-maker must first and foremost learn to build the underlying structure of the pizza.
13 December 2018
With pizza, not only beer: best matches with wines

With pizza, not just beer. Wine bestows outstanding pairings

Pizza and beer, yeasts with yeasts, carbohydrates with carbohydrates… Let’s admit it, in Italy people prefer beer with the queen of dinners out. But something is […]
13 December 2018
Le ultime tendenze del settore pizza.

The latest trends in the pizza industry.

On the famous Gambero Rosso website, you’ll find an interesting article on the latest trends in the industry and on new business opportunities.