Cooking pizza: the secrets to making it digestible

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Oven for Neapolitan pizza: which is the most suitable?
27 July 2020
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1 September 2020
Cottura della pizza: i segreti per renderla digeribile

Cottura della pizza: i segreti per renderla digeribile

Cooking pizza: the secrets to making it digestible

Supple, soft, and fragrant? Here’s how to get a perfectly cooked pizza

Are you finally making your dream of opening a pizzeria come true? After having taken care of all the bureaucratic issues, now the time has come to think about the more practical part of the job, to make your customers live a unique culinary experience!

So let’s see how to make the genuine Neapolitan dough, and specifically, the secrets for cooking pizza that make it light and digestible!

How do you make real Neapolitan pizza?

To make that which is the symbol of Italian food all over the world, it’s important to follow some simple rules that are in the International Rules drawn up by the “Real Neapolitan Pizza” Association, which clearly describes all the steps to preparation.

After having found the ingredients for the dough (water, salt, active dry yeast, and flour) it is indeed important to know how to make the pizza dough to yield soft, supple dough, but also to follow the leavening time (two hours before the hand-shaping needed to shape the dough balls) and about another six hours later, at a temperature of about 25°C.

At this point, all you have to do is knead the pizza with both hands with a movement that goes from the middle outwards, and top it however you like.

Four elements for perfect cooking

Soft, supple and fragrant dough, easily folded like a letter, and with the characteristic flavor bestowed by the high “cornicione” (end crust), which smells like well-leavened, well-cooked bread: how do you get this uniform cooking?

The fundamental values for cooking pizza are:

  1. Oven temperature
  2. Amount of flame
  3. Temperature of the cook plate
  4. Cooking time

What oven do I choose?

The crux of the cooking is precisely this, and the ideal oven for Neapolitan pizza must combine tradition and innovation, both in the wood-fired and gas version.

With its production of pizzeria ovens, Marana Forni meets the needs of pizza-makers and entrepreneurs in the industry, and boasts approved supplier certification by the “Real Neapolitan Pizza” Association.

Choosing a good oven makes the difference, and for example among our products you’ll find:

  • The Napulé oven. Born from the partnership with master Neapolitan pizza-makers, some of its characteristics are five-pizza capacity for the wood-burning one and seven-pizza for the gas one. The MRN gas system is a smart burner that automatically maintains the desired temperature and that lowers the flame, but never puts it out, with a long, bright wood-effect.
  • Rotoforno. Thanks to the rotation of the plate, it cooks entirely on its own to guarantee uniform pizza cooking, allowing the heat to distribute uniformly over every point of the chamber. It facilitates filling and extraction and gets rid of downtime (thus, it increases the number of pizzas/hour). Moreover, one of the characteristics of the Marana rotating pizzeria oven is the microperforated cook plate and the SU&GIU function, which allows lifting the cook plate and cooking at the height where the temperature is optimal.

Are your pizza-makers humble trainees? No problem: Marana offers the Rotoforno Genius, which will allow you to always achieve perfect cooking entirely on your own. All you’ll have to do is fill and extract. The oven takes care of the rest, thanks to its inner algorithms that put the fundamental values of pizza cooking in relation: heat, flame, and time.

Check out our website and pick the model most suited to your needs!