Does the cooking time for bread depend on the oven you’re using?

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Il tempo di cottura del pane dipende dal forno che si usa?

Il tempo di cottura del pane dipende dal forno che si usa?

Does the cooking time for bread depend on the oven you’re using?

How the oven influences the cooking time for bread and which to choose

Are you about to open a bakery, or would you like to hone your bread making skills, too, at your restaurant? One choice that determines your success is definitely that of the professional oven.

So if you’re not an expert on breadmaking, it’ll definitely be helpful for you to read a few tips here on bread cooking time and on which oven is the best choice.

Three errors to avoid when cooking bread

Since prehistory, bread has always been in Man’s diet, but obviously the techniques for working it have changed, and above all, those concerning leavening and baking have been perfected.

The most common errors are:

  1. Ineffective cuts on the surface: they are necessary because they allow heat to enter on the inside, too, before it involves just the top part. You can see the effects right away, because the mass expands constantly, without meeting any resistance.
  2. Putting it in the oven at the wrong time: it should be done when the volume is double that of the beginning, neither before nor after.
  3. Temperature too high. Bread shouldn’t be cooked over a direct flame, but you tend to bake it rather when the oven is off (if you can with your type of oven, keeping the temperature stable) or at lower, constant temperatures (around 220°C).


What does the baking time for bread depend on?

The baking time for bread depends on a lot of things, but above all, on the oven temperature and the size of the loaves.

We can say that there has to be a perfect balance between:

  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Humidity in the cooking chamber
  • Size of the bread

So the oven influences the baking, and it’s important that:

  • It’s made very well
  • It’s made with quality material that doesn’t lose heat
  • It allows temperature control

What oven should you choose for perfect bread?

If you want an oven for food preparation, so suitable for cooking not just pizza but also bread, cookies, and so on, pick a product with advanced technology: Marana ovens are suitable for cooking any type of food, even at the same time as you cook pizza, an ideal solution to save time and consumption.

Plus, we are the inventors of the Rotoforno, which turns all on its own, distributing heat uniformly, for uniform cooking even when the oven is off, ideal for bread, cookies, etc.

Plus, some Marana models are equipped with the Turbo Gas (a system that lowers the flame, but doesn’t ever put it out); they have the flame positioned under the cook plate, so it stays low and constant, preventing the bread dough from “seeing” the open flame, and thus allowing for perfect baking.

What are you waiting for? Experiment the baking time for bread with a professional Marana oven!