Dough for a crunchy pizza: how much does it depend on the oven?

A cosa serve la pietra per la cottura della pizza in forno?
What do you need stone for to cook pizza in an oven?
12 November 2020
Il tempo di cottura del pane dipende dal forno che si usa?
Does the cooking time for bread depend on the oven you’re using?
3 December 2020
Impasto per una pizza croccante: quanto dipende dal forno?

Impasto per una pizza croccante: quanto dipende dal forno?

Dough for a crunchy pizza: how much does it depend on the oven?

How and where to cook the dough for a crunchy pizza

Thick and soft or thin and crunchy: what type of pizza do you want to make at your place? This traditional dish in Italian heritage comes in countless versions, but if we were to make a list of the most common types of pizza, we definitely come across this dual concept: Neapolitan pizza and Roman pizza!

If you want to offer a pizza with a crunchy crust at your pizzeria, then you definitely have to know all the secrets, and above all know how to pick the right oven to cook it in!

Roman pizza: Five secrets to the crunchy crust

Many are the lovers of this Roman version, but careful not to mess it up! In fact there are tons of recipes, but some fundamental steps for preparing the pizza dough will help you make it crunchier than usual. Here are some:

  1. Melt the yeast first in a little bit of lukewarm water.
  2. Type of flour. Using durum wheat semolina makes the crust crunchy, as does a mixture of flours, too.
  3. Working it a long time. This lets you make a supple, substantial dough.
  4. Amount of oil. It softens the dough, so decide whether to put more or less according to taste.
  5. Cooking. The oven has to be preheated to a very high temperature, which must remain constant.

How much difference does the oven make?

So to get perfectly cooked pizzaoven temperature is of paramount importance, whether you want a crunchy crust or you want it soft. However, to make it so it’s high and constant it’s necessary to have a quality oven with certain characteristics:

  • The right size and proportions (shape, vault, door. Check out our guide to professional oven sizes).
  • Superior quality cook plate made out of refractory stone that’s not your everyday material
  • A thermometer.

The importance of the cook plate…

Let’s talk about the material of the plate and why cooking pizza on refractory stone is deemed best:

  • It resists to high temperatures.
  • It uniformly distributes heat.
  • It keeps the temperature constant.
  • It absorbs the dough’s moisture.
  • It speeds up the cooking process.

Refractory stone allows you to achieve well-cooked, fragrant crust, since it keeps the topping from drying out while preserving its crunchiness.

Where do I find the perfect oven for crunchy pizza?

You can make dough for crunchy pizza thanks to different oven characteristics, and you can find them all in a sole product if you choose Marana.

To meet the requirements of professional and amateur pizza-makers, we make ovens that:

  • Maintain optimal airflow on the inside.
  • Have a plate with refractory material six times better than porphyry as far as abrasion and microperforated for more and faster heat storage, but also to get rid of the humidity.
  • Are equipped with a thermometer to check the temperature.

Plus, Marana ovens have innovative elements:

  • Cook plate rotation which thus stays hot all over and cooks in a uniform manner.
  • SU&GIU Function which lets you raise the plate to cook at the height where the temperature is ideal.

Choose your Marana Rotating Oven from our catalog so your oven yields pizza crusts that are crunchy to a T, but also right for making classic Neapolitan pizza, soft and supple!

Contact us if you’d like to try the products at our Verona establishment or to find out more.