How do you calculate the price of a professional pizza oven?

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Come si calcola il prezzo di un forno per pizza professionale?

Come si calcola il prezzo di un forno per pizza professionale?

How do you calculate the price of a professional pizza oven?

A guide for pizza-makers: how to calculate the price of a pizza oven and which to choose

Are you about to open your restaurant/pizzeria and are you looking for a professional oven, or would you like to change yours because you’re no longer satisfied? You’ve definitely started to compare different models and brands on the market, but you’ve already started getting confused; so let’s try and figure out how to come up with a price for a pizza oven that meets the requirements of an establishment.

Eight factors that affect the price of a pizza oven

To churn out excellent results, it’s not enough to be skilled bakers. To the contrary, as we’ll see, today you don’t even have to be! In fact, by using an innovative oven it’s not indispensable to know how to use the wood or be experts on cooking pizza.

But how much do you have to spend? Let’s see what the factors that affect the price of pizza ovens are:

  1. Cooking mode (wood, gas, pellet, electric, combination)
  2. Temperature control
  3. Power
  4. Material
  5. Technology
  6. Accessories
  7. Maintenance
  8. Design

All these elements must thus be assessed carefully, because even though the quality affects cost, it offers you numerous advantages from a financial standpoint.

The advantages of a good pizza oven

An oven made with recherche material and extremely efficient stone also guarantees:

– To always be hot, always guaranteeing perfect cooking from the first to the last pizza;

  • Saving on cooking time and consumption (so to increase the number of pizzas/hour)
  • Cut clientele wait times (so to increase the number of clients in the evening and their satisfaction)

An oven that cooks with a direct flame, whether it’s from wood, gas, or pellet, bestows pizza the classic flame-cooking from wood. Moreover, generating heat from the flame is often less expensive compared to doing it with electricity.

So to improve the pizza-maker’s work and the customer experience, you need a solid product:  the expense leads to results. Just think of the advantages that you gain over time:

  • Better job quality
  • Reduction of time and energy consumption (therefore savings)
  • Increased productivity (therefore earnings)

You’ll practically have a faithful helper for making pizzas always by your side.

Which oven for pizza should I choose?

We’ve seen why saving a great deal on the price of a pizza oven isn’t a good idea from many standpoints, but which model should I choose to make a good investment?

To bank on the combination of tradition and innovation, enter the world of Marana Forni, where you can choose between:

  • Fixed Ovens
  • Rotary Ovens

All our models guarantee excellent quality of the material, and in particular the Rotoforno SU&GIU is an absolute innovation born in 1992 with Marana Forni, which holds the first patent for it. Combining craftsmanship and design meets the productivity and functionality requirements of a pizzeria, making the lives of workers easier.

Discover how our rotating oven  for pizzerias works, and all its characteristics, like the microperforated cook plate, the refractory material resistant to wear and tear and the filling mouth, which allows you to reach the temperature fast, cutting fuel consumption.

Contact us and request a quote to find out the price for the pizza oven most suited to your needs: you can choose from among different models and the type of power, even changing it after purchase.