How does a rotating pizzeria oven work?

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Come funziona un forno rotante per pizzeria?

Come funziona un forno rotante per pizzeria?

How does a rotating pizzeria oven work?

What it is and how to choose a rotating oven for your pizzeria

Would you like to buy a new oven for your pizzeria to improve the quality of your products, simplify the procedures, and why not, also cut production costs?

Fortunately, today technology helps pizza-makers and the entrepreneurs in this industry a great deal. For example: do you already know about the rotating pizzeria oven by Marana Forni? Find out what it’s like and how to revolutionize your business.

What is a rotating pizza oven?

As the name suggests, the rotating pizza oven turns all on its own to guarantee uniform pizza cooking. In fact, the rotating movement allows heat distribution over every point of the cooking chamber uniformly, and thus lets you:

  • Have the cook plate hot on every point and cook in a uniform manner.
  • Facilitate insertion and extraction.
  • Save on cooking time, so increase the number of pizzas/hour.

The Marana rotating pizza oven (choice between wood-fired, gas, pellet, and combination models) combines craftsmanship and design, is outstanding for the home, too, but above all, to meet needs related to pizzeria productivity and functionality, because it makes the life of those who work there easier thanks to its strengths:

  1. Microperforated Cook plate: The microperforated surface allows the pizza to release the cooking moisture and let the flour settle; plus, the plate’s high-density material allows for more heat accumulation and ensures better cooking, for more fragrant pizza.
  2. SU&GIU Function: you can lift the cook plate to cook at the height where the temperature is optimal.
  3. Pizza mouth: allows optimal draught and combustion, less soot and a hotter cook plate, more heat uniformity, rapidly reaching the right temperature, and thus a reduction in fuel consumption. It can come with doors that are see-through or not, to foster oven heat circulation and energy savings.
  4. Turbo: a supplementary heating system located on the cook plate, which also helps keep the oven cleaner.
  5. Oven cooking body: in refractory material resistant to wear and tear with a high capacity for storing heat and irradiation.
  6. Option to change the type of power: if you buy the wood-burning model and you want to change to the gas one, or vice versa, you can transform your Marana oven even after your purchase.

Plus, in a Marana Rotoforno you can cook or heat other food even while cooking pizzas, thanks to the uniform heat due to the rotation of the cook plate. Even when it’s off, it stays hot, so you can still cook at lower temperatures, perfect for example for cooking bread, cookies, meat and so on!

Practically by using a rotating oven for your pizzeria you will improve the quality of work, you can handle more insertion, and cut the wait time for the clientele.

Genius: the Fast Casual rotating oven

Marana isn’t just the inventor of the rotating oven, but it also designed and made the  Genius model, which sets itself apart for its innovation, technology, and choice of material.

Genius Fast Casual is equipped with artificial intelligence, and therefore is an efficient and precise pizza-maker, because it cooks pizza all on its own, without assistance or help. In fact, its inner algorithms put the four fundamental values of pizza cooking in relation:

  1. Oven temperature
  2. Amount of flame
  3. Temperature of the cook plate
  4. Cooking time

The Genius oven is therefore also perfect for the inexperienced pizza-maker, who only has to insert and extract: thus increasing production capacity, saving time and money.

Learn more about Marana’s innovative ovens and contact us for any information.