How does cooking pizza on refractory stone work?

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How does cooking pizza on refractory stone work?

Why cooking pizza on refractory stone is the best

Are you looking for a professional oven for your business? There are a lot of aspects to evaluate, and one of the most important is the material that the cooking plate is made of. In this article, we’ll find out why cooking pizza on refractory material is the best of all.

What is refractory stone?

By refractory stone we mean a slab of refractory material which heated to extremely high temperatures is perfect for cooking dishes like pizza. In fact, cooking pizza on refractory stone is considered to be the best, because thanks to the porous material’s characteristics it yields well-cooked crust, soft and fragrant, with the topping still moist and not dry.

Six advantages of cooking on refractory stone

  1. It stores a considerable amount of heat.
  2. It withstands extremely high temperatures.
  3. It absorbs the dough’s moisture.
  4. It uniformly distributes heat over the pizza.
  5. It helps keep the temperature in the oven constant.
  6. It speeds up the cooking process.

What to say? Among the characteristics of a good oven is definitely that of having the plate made of refractory stone.

Marana’s plate made of refractory material

The cooking body of Marana’s ovens has mechanical resistance and resistance to wear and tear, with a high ability to accumulate and hold in heat and strong irradiation.

This gives you:

  • Greater thermal flywheel effect.
  • Higher resistance to abrasion and rubbing (the type of inert refractory material used for the cooking plate is about 6 times more resistant to the abrasion of porphyry, having tremendously higher resistance to the peel’s rubbing compared to standard refractory material).
  • Heating by irradiation, which is transfer of heat from a hot body to a colder one without touching.
  • More heat storage, ensuring better, cleaner, and more fragrant cooking.

Plus, the material our ovens’ cooking plate is made of has a specific weight of a whole 2800-3200 kg/m³ as opposed to your typical refractory material that weighs 1800-2200 kg/m³.

Cooking pizza on refractory…but also microperforated stone!

One of the main characteristics that make cooking on a Marana oven famous is the surface of the cooking plate, which since 2004 is microperforated, allowing you to:

  • Expose 50% more surface area to the irradiation of the flame compared to regular plates, thus getting more and faster heat storage.
  • Expel the pizza-cooking humidity, and allow the flour to settle.

What are you waiting for? Find out more on how a rotating pizzeria oven works and choose the best model for your business. You can try out pizza cooking on refractory stone right at our establishment and see the results for yourself.

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