How is a professional pizza oven built?

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Forno professionale per pizza

Forno professionale per pizza

How is a professional pizza oven built?

The characteristics your professional pizza oven must have

Are you are planning to open your restaurant/pizzeria, or do you want to refurbish your place’s equipment and you’re looking for a new professional pizza oven? If you’re not an expert on the subject, you’re definitely wondering how to pick one and what aspects to evaluate most carefully.

So here’s some valuable information to guide your purchase!

The five characteristics of a professional pizza oven

  1. Circle or oval shape: it’s necessary to maintain optimal airflow on the inside and to guarantee uniform cooking.
  2. Vault in refractory material: needed to reach high temperatures; plus, it also has to be arched upwards and never flat, to guarantee proper smoke circulation.
  3. Door with the right proportions: is fundamental, because for example if the door is too high over the dome it lets heat out through the mouth when you open it; so it has to be down low, and not too wide.
  4. Cook plate in refractory stone. Ensures resistance to abrasion and rubbing of tools, but also high performance in transferring and recovering heat.
  5. Thermometer: having this tool lets you check to make sure the temperature remains constant, to get perfectly cooked pizza over every part.


What about the size?

There aren’t precise standards for professional oven sizes. On the market you can find ovens of all sizes and dimensions (whether they are wood, pellet, gas, or combination), but what matters is to assess some factors linked to your business:

  • The physical space you have available, which must be proportionate to the requirement.
  • The actual or expected productivity of your place, because it’s a shame to over or undersize an oven to the place; if you install a huge oven, but productivity is average, we’ll have a waste of heat. Vice versa, a small oven can cause long waits.
  • The size of the pizzas. The number of pizzas produced is correlated to the size (an oven for nine 30-cm pizzas is smaller than an oven for nine 33-cm pizzas)!


Pick your professional oven…Marana!

We’ve seen the essential characteristics that a professional pizza oven has to have, but we have to add another one—the technology it’s equipped with.

In fact, when using an innovative oven you don’t absolutely have to be skilled bakers, pizza-makers, and/or experts in cooking pizza. For example, Marana products have all the qualities listed above, but also boast design, constructive and technological expedients that the company invented and patented itself, like:

  • Oven rotation: the Rotoforno’s cook plate turns on its own, staying hot all over so that it cooks uniformly, cutting downtime since you never have to turn or move the pizzas.
  • SU&GIU Function: this raises the cook plate to cook the pizza at the height where the temperature is optimal, with considerable savings on fuel.
  • Three openings: wood mouth/view of the flame see-through opening separate from the oven mouth; ash drawer/air outlet which lets you regulate the airflow: filling mouth, both for filling the oven and taking out the pizzas, which can be equipped with the optional “filling mouth closure”, which keeps outside air from going over the cook plate, keeping the temperature uniform inside the oven.


That’s why Marana—both fixed and rotating—may be considered among the best pizza ovens on the market!

Contact us for more information and/or to try it out at our establishment in Verona.