Marana: a name, a guarantee.

Dimmi che pizza mangi e ti dirò da dove vieni
Tell me what pizza you eat and I’ll tell you where you come from
20 January 2020
5 caratteristiche che un (buon) forno a legna per pizzeria deve avere
5 characteristics that a (good) wood-fired oven for pizzeria must have
27 July 2020
Marana: un nome, una garanzia.

Marana: un nome, una garanzia.

Marana: Word to the experts (and skeptics!)

Marana is a confirmation and at the same time a love story with every pizza chef: from small entrepreneurs to big international brands choose our ovens for their kitchens: among these Eataly, Autogrill, Carrefour , Extracoop, CAMST, Pizza Hut France, Gardaland, Rainbow Magicland, Grupo VIP’S, etc…


Not everyone believed in us right away, but over time we managed to win over even the most skeptical, and we did it not in words but with ovens !


We have the certification of the Verace Pizza Napoletana Association, as well as the international brands UL, CE, CSA, NSF . Even the largest piazzaioli schools in Italy and in the world choose our ovens to teach the art of pizza, relying on the efficiency of a product with high technical performance.


Last but not least, we are official technical supplier of the most important pizza championships , such as the famous World Championship in Parma, or the Pulcinella Trophy in Naples (Bufala Fest), or the Campeonato de España de Pizzas, etc …

Trattoria Michele

Trattoria Michele: quando si è fieri delle proprie scelte

Here are some of the comments taken from social networks:

Thanks to you for the professionalism … The Marana ovens are the TOP, we bought two and they are excellent for making a real Neapolitan pizza

Carmelo Licata

Excellent, practical and above all a help. Whoever criticizes a priori is a fool: try it and then we’ll talk about it again, I tell you that I was skeptical. I recommend it, from direct experience.

Massimo Di Pasquale

I must say that the ovens are exceptional, and the staff very qualified. A few days ago I installed it and it is quite another thing to work with an oven with these characteristics. Thank you for your professionalism: now we can develop better and better products with excellent cooking times, thanks to the rotating plate, a great help. I recommend it 100%.

Mario D’onofrio

From the pizzeria “Benvenuti al Sud” a heartfelt thanks to Beppe and Nino who set up our oven on Tuesday . A super oven in all respects. Competent and friendly staff
Marana: a name a guarantee

Irene Curini

Here is a Mr. oven. If you find this oven in a pizzeria it means that whoever makes the pizza is a great pizza maker.

Michele Scopelliti

I tried the one for Neapolitan pizza with the new gas burner in the company and I must say that it is excellent, also tried with wood and it is the same thing. I recommend it, word of the F twins .

Danilo Fusco

Forni Marana: a guarantee. I have eaten many pizzas in my life and frankly as far as cooking is concerned, only the Marana ovens have given me satisfaction. Keep it up, take Made in Italy to the top in the world.

Raffaella Ordituro

Since I have tried these ovens, I have never been able to do without them .

Attilio Albachiara

Almost a year has gone by, thanks to the oven, I have done almost double the previous year.

Walter Icardi

Very serious company with very high quality products such as pizza ovens also from the point of view of assistance for me who are in the restaurant and pizzeria sector are the number 1 there are no words to define the company in a positive way for me there is no other company like marana forni

Antonio Davalos

I have been working with the UP and DOWN oven for 18 years, exceptional thanks to its resistance and practicality

Claudio Palumbo

We too at Pizza Palace Benalmádena Andalucia Spain thank you for the excellent quality of your ovens

Cristian Marega

Wonderful oven, and thanks to you too, I’m a pizza chef. Greetings from the Benelux

Rocco Cagliostro

I gave myself a present for my 35th birthday …. A MARANA OVEN UP AND DOWN NEAPOLITAN DOME …. a DREAM that has come true. A heartfelt thanks to the highly qualified staff who helped install and operate the oven. To you who read …… do not hesitate BUYELOOOOOOO

Lue Gra Pont

I bought the oven 11 years ago. What about a single word. EXCELLENT. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. A UNIQUE COMPANY.

Teo Lanzilotti

A great Oven indeed! From HELL’S PIZZA

Alfio Mannino

Marana a name …. a Guarantee.
Excellent Ovens Starting From the rotating one up to Al Napulé.
Excellent from the point of view of combustion and above all for the varied choice of soils.
The vast choice of colors for the Domes is also very nice. Really very beautiful and efficient ovens.
Must Try !!!

Michele Montesarchio