Not just pizza: here are the professional ovens for food preparation

Quali sono le dimensioni di un forno per pizza professionale?
What size is a professional pizza oven?
5 October 2020
Perché la cottura della pizza nel forno a legna è così buona
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5 October 2020
Non solo pizza: ecco i forni professionali per gastronomia

Non solo pizza: ecco i forni professionali per gastronomia

Not just pizza: here are the professional ovens for food preparation

Technological and efficient: how to choose a professional oven for food preparation

Would you like to change your oven at your bakery or restaurant to have a faster, more efficient one? Besides pizza, it’s very handy to use the oven to cook bread, meat, fish, vegetables and so on, too, especially at restaurants.

So here’s a few helpful tips on how to choose…the best of professional ovens for food preparation!

Professional oven: what characteristics does it have to have?

The true ally of any respectable baker, a professional oven for food preparation must have these characteristics to be considered as such:

  • Adequate shape and size (vault, door, etc.).
  • Temperature control.
  • Material that doesn’t lose heat.
  • Advanced technology.

These are all the elements that must be assessed carefully, and even though they affect the cost of a professional oven, they allow you to meet your needs and gain numerous advantages both from a practical and financial standpoint.

Three advantages of a professional oven for food preparation

For example, an extremely efficient oven that is built out of stone, lets you check the temperature, and avails of advanced technology, guarantees:

  1. Better job quality.
  2. Savings on time spent cooking and consumption.
  3. Increased productivity (therefore earnings).

Which oven for food preparation should I choose?

For desserts, meat, fish, lasagna, vegetables, bread, and any other baked product in the world, choose the quality of Marana’s innovative products: we are the inventors of the rotating oven, but we also produce fixed ovens.

As the name suggests, Marana Rotoforno’s cook plate turns all by itself, uniformly distributing the heat and thus guaranteeing uniform cooking, but it’s also perfect for cooking or heating any type of food even, for example, while you are cooking pizza at the same time.

Plus, it stays hot when it’s off, so you can still cook at lower temperatures, perfect for example for bread, cookies, slow-cooked meat, and so on. But in some models you can also keep a stable temperature with a low flame under the plate, thus gaining major savings on consumption and being able to cook anything for hours.

Check out how the rotating oven and Marana’s other products work; they are all made out of refractory stone, with technological or 100% traditional functions. You can choose the type of power you prefer (wood, pellet, gas, or combination), without ever having to trade off material quality, innovation, or design.

What are you waiting for? Contact us for a personalized quote and choose your professional oven for food preparation that’s always top notch!