Oven for Neapolitan pizza: which is the most suitable?

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Forno per pizza napoletana: qual è il più adatto?

Forno per pizza napoletana: qual è il più adatto?

Oven for Neapolitan pizza: which is the most suitable?

What characteristics does the oven for real Neapolitan pizza have to have

Are you planning to open an establishment and serve classic Neapolitan pizza? Anyone who is involved with this art—unique the world over—ends up having to decide on the raw ingredients, the preparation technique, and the cooking; everything has to be perfect following tradition, and we’ll reveal what oven for Neapolitan pizza to pick, so you don’t trip up right at the finish line!

Three decisive factors for having an oven perfect for this purpose

No imitations allowed: real Neapolitan pizza has to be round, with a high cornicione” (end crust) without burns, and has to be soft and stretchy on the palate: as it says in the International Rules drawn up by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (Real Neapolitan Pizza Association), founded to protect and pass down the authenticity of this dish.

But what oven guarantees the cooking quality following tradition?

The factors to consider are:

  1. Choice and mix of materials.
  2. Cook plate.
  3. Technical options in terms of quality and safety.

Why choose the Marana Napulé oven

The Neapolitan pizza oven can’t but combine tradition and innovation: that’s why Marana Forni has made an oven that is the outcome of the intense experimental activities in partnership with master Neapolitan pizza-makers.

The richness of the Neapolitan experience and the company’s handicraft technology breathed life into a unique tool, certified by the Real Neapolitan Pizza Association (both for wood and gas-burning versions), with these characteristics:

  • Covering with personalized or colored dome (chosen from over 2000 colors in the RAL chart, or the metals, which exalt the hand-emery polishing).
  • Capacity of five pizzas for the wood-burning version and seven pizzas for the gas one.
  • In the gas-burning model, the burner communicates with the oven’s console and can automatically maintain the desired temperature with five cooking flame levels. It is a smart system that lowers the flame but never puts it out, so that all the pizza cooking always takes place with the flame on. The flame has a long, bright wood effect.
  • 3200 kg/m³ stones make for extremely high performance in transferring and recovering heat.

The Napulé traditional oven, like all Marana products, is Made in Italy and follows the legal regulations in the area of quality and safety.

Choose tradition and innovation and impress clients with real Neapolitan pizza cooked just right! For a personalized quote contact us or come to see the company yourself, where you’ll be able to test the uniqueness of our ovens, and why not, enjoy a good wine with us.