13 December 2018
With pizza, not only beer: best matches with wines

With pizza, not just beer. Wine bestows outstanding pairings

Pizza and beer, yeasts with yeasts, carbohydrates with carbohydrates… Let’s admit it, in Italy people prefer beer with the queen of dinners out. But something is […]
13 December 2018
Forni e pizza

The value of pizza

A wonderful article on the role and value of Pizza. A bigger emblem of globalization than any other food product.“Pizza has every right to [...]
13 December 2018
Marana Pizza Oven at Eataly - Paris

Marana Pizza Oven at the Eataly in Paris

A Marana Oven at the Eataly in Paris. And so it is that a little bit of Verona will be part of the taking of the […]
13 December 2018
No crisis for Pizza: in Italy the market is huge

There’s no crisis for pizza, in Italy it reaches 30 billion

The pizza, a food icon of Italian industry the world over, knows no crisis: it is a business that in Italy gives work to hundreds of […]
13 December 2018
Le ultime tendenze del settore pizza.

The latest trends in the pizza industry.

On the famous Gambero Rosso website, you’ll find an interesting article on the latest trends in the industry and on new business opportunities.