11 February 2020
Marana: un nome, una garanzia.

Marana: a name, a guarantee.

Marana is a confirmation and at the same time a love story with every pizza chef: from small entrepreneurs to big international brands choose our ovens for their kitchens: among these Eataly, Autogrill, Carrefour , Extracoop, CAMST, Pizza Hut France, Gardaland, Rainbow Magicland, Grupo VIP'S, etc…
20 January 2020
Dimmi che pizza mangi e ti dirò da dove vieni

Tell me what pizza you eat and I’ll tell you where you come from

Pizza is sacred. Every Italian has his or her favorite pizzeria that they (almost) never betray, like the team of their heart.
20 January 2020
La pizza Patrimonio Unesco

Pizza, a UNESCO World Heritage

The 2017 news that surprised, moved, and made everyone proud was: Neapolitan Pizza became UNESCO world heritage. But what exactly does it mean and what repercussions does it have on Italian economy?
20 January 2020
Il re della pizza dell’America Latina è colombiano.

The King of pizza in Latin America is Colombian.

Colombian Eduardo Castro won the Latin American pizza championship, in Argentina.
16 January 2020
Le impastatrici. Una visione d’insieme

Kneading machines. The big picture

Pizza kneading machines are basins with varying capacities (5 to 1000 g), generally rotating, in which parts of the formula are subjected to the mechanical action of arms of different shapes, in function of the energy that has to be delivered.
13 December 2018
With pizza, not only beer: best matches with wines

With pizza, not just beer. Wine bestows outstanding pairings

Pizza and beer, yeasts with yeasts, carbohydrates with carbohydrates… Let’s admit it, in Italy people prefer beer with the queen of dinners out. But something is […]