The latest trends in the pizza industry.

No crisis for Pizza: in Italy the market is huge
There’s no crisis for pizza, in Italy it reaches 30 billion
13 December 2018
Le ultime tendenze del settore pizza.

Le ultime tendenze del settore pizza.

On the famous Gambero Rosso website, you’ll find an interesting article on the latest trends in the industry and on new business opportunities.
There is a new gold rush. It’s that of pizza, which looks like a modern Yukon River to grab handfuls of nuggets from. We’ve already spoken about it in a past article revealing that, according to the data, things aren’t exactly all that simple; despite this, pizza (perhaps together with sushi), is still one of the mandatory decisions for anyone who wants to start a business in the world of food service today. So let’s take a look at the tendencies that are forming right now.

La pizza in Campania

In about the past two years there has been a real revolution right where the most “pizza fundamentalism” was found—that is, Naples and Campania in general, with the advent of pizzas with an extremely pronounced “cornicione” (end crust) and with even greater sponginess and softness. Even the toppings have gone beyond the classic cheese pizza and tomato-sauce only, making keywords like “territory” and “research” show up more and more often on the menus of Campanian pizzerias. To this, add an ever more aggressive use of social networks by the young pizza-makers that have fueled an acceleration of this phenomenon and a trickle-down effect that otherwise would have been impossible.
The rest of Italy
The spread of these elements hasn’t been as pervasive in the rest of Italy where the public’s focus on pizza isn’t so strong, and on social networks involves the national pizza-makers less than the colleagues from Campania, for which the dough circle is a cultural theme of Campanian pride and also of social compensation, not to mention due to the financial gains that it’s bringing some of them. The model exported from Naples with very few names that venture beyond Garigliano is, however, still the classic one of their historic places, with their topping variations.