The weight of a pizza: what is ideal and what it depends on

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Peso ideale di una pizza

Peso ideale di una pizza

The weight of a pizza: what is ideal and what it depends on

How much does pizza weight matter, and how do you cook it perfectly

Do you dream of becoming an authentic pizza-maker, opening a pizzeria, and would you like to discover all the secrets of this iconic dish?

Without a doubt the heart of pizza is its dough, which you can prepare all sorts of ways (just think of all the flours, yeasts, and so on) and that has to be divided up into dough balls, which then become the bottom part to top. Speaking of which, do you know how big they have to be and how much a finished pizza weighs?  Is there an ideal value? We’ll find out together.

The weight of a pizza: what does it depend on?

Two main elements determine the final weight of a pizza:

  1. The pizza dough: how you work the dough can affect the final weight of a pizza, since if it was leavened and kneaded well, you’ll get pizzas with a more airy, lighter bottom and crust.
  2. Topping: You put the ingredients on the bottom of the pizza, for example, tomato sauce, mushrooms, ham, and so on, according to taste.

Weight of the Neapolitan pizza

If you really want some advice on the dough ball weight, we can look at the “Real Neapolitan Pizza” International Rules, which state all the rules for preparing real Neapolitan pizza, which lay forth that:

  • the dough balls must weigh from 180 to 250 g to breathe life into a round pizza of about 30-35 centimeters.

So how much does a pizza weigh?

Let’s start from the premise that you can decide to make pizzas either big or small, with a thin or thick crust, and so on.

Once cooked and topped, on average a pizza weighs about 300 g, but this value is absolutely variable and the pizza-maker can personalize it.

As for the cooking…

Among the crucial decisions that determine the success of a pizzeria, there is definitely that of the professional oven, which has to have the essential characteristics to ensure good results and facilitate work. But how do you pick the best pizza oven?

If you want to go for a sure thing, have a look at the Marana products, which perfectly combine tradition and innovation. In fact, as a company we offer constructive and technological expedients that we invented and patented, like for example:

  • Oven rotation: allows the cook plate to turn on its own, staying hot all over, thus guaranteeing uniform cooking and less downtime (you never have to turn or move the pizzas).
  • SU&GIU Function: the cook plate’s lifting system cooks the pizza at the height where the temperature is optimal, considerably saving fuel.

Check our catalog and get to know the vast range of ovens like the Rotoforno and Genius, also perfect for less experienced pizza-makers, because it cooks entirely on its own.

Now that you know that the weight of a pizza is not essential, but  oven quality is, don’t hesitate to contact us for consultancy.