There’s no crisis for pizza, in Italy it reaches 30 billion

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The latest trends in the pizza industry.
13 December 2018
Marana Pizza Oven at Eataly - Paris
Marana Pizza Oven at the Eataly in Paris
13 December 2018
No crisis for Pizza: in Italy the market is huge

No crisis for Pizza: in Italy the market is huge

The pizza, a food icon of Italian industry the world over, knows no crisis: it is a business that in Italy gives work to hundreds of thousands of people and now has reached €30 billion.
An interesting article on tells us how pizza hasn’t been affected by the winds of crisis—to the contrary, the business soars, touching really high figures: “130,000 companies involved. And a hundred thousand full-time employees that rise to 200,000 on the weekend. To churn out about 8 million pizzas per day, almost 3 billion in a year. For a 15 billion turnover. And an economic trend exceeding 30. The business of pizza in Italy is one of the most active factors of economic development. This was found in a survey conducted by the National Analysis Center NAC in association with Farm Produce NAC in a national sample of companies from the highly representative industry.”

Pizzerias, a constantly growing industry

Also from the article, let’s take other really interesting numbers and proof of constant growth: “from 2015 to this year, companies with a pizzeria business have grown from 125,300 to 127,000 (data updated as at 31 March). Separating these results, it becomes clear that businesses that serve tables are over 76,000 (of which almost 40,000 restaurant/pizzerias and more than 36,000 bar/pizzerias), 36,000+ are the businesses that do not serve at tables (15,000 rotisserie/pizzerias, 14,000 takeaway pizzerias and the rest delicatessen/pizzerias), and lastly, over 14,000 are the bakeries that among their products also offer pizza”.

The center-south runs the show

As you might’ve guessed, it is Campania that is the emblematic region of pizza that runs the show “with 16% of the businesses”. Then followed by “Sicily with 13% and Lazio with 12%. A surprise comes from the pizzerias/inhabitants report. This time it’s Abruzzo that comes in first, with one business every 267 residents. It leads, before Sardinia (one business every 273 inhabitants), Calabria (285), Molise (307), and Campania (335).” (source
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