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1 September 2020
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Quali sono i migliori forni a legna per pizza?

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Guide for wood-fired pizza ovens: which to choose to aim for innovation?

Is your dream to open a pizzeria about to come true? There are a whole lot of aspects that you had to deal with and that of what equipment to choose is definitely decisive for the success of your business.

One of the expenses is obviously the wood-fired pizza oven, which is what will become the beating heart of your place. But which should you choose to make sure you get outstanding results?

Five fundamental characteristics

If you don’t know what the characteristics of a good wood-fired oven are, here are the essential ones to assess:

  1. Shape. Circle or oval, to maintain optimal airflow on the inside and to achieve perfect cooking on every point.
  2. Vault. It has to be made out of refractory material to reach high temperatures, and be arched upwards for proper smoke circulation (never flat).
  3. Door. It has to follow the proportions. In fact, if it’s too high over the dome, it lets heat out through the mouth when you open it, because heat goes upwards, so it has to be down low and not too wide.
  4. Cook plate. It has to be made out of refractory material, highly resistant to withstand wear and tear from use and from the rubbing of tools to clean it, and guarantee high performance in transferring and recovering heat.
  5. Thermometer. It helps check to make sure the temperature stays constant to yield pizza cooked to a T, without any burning.

The innovative elements of a wood-fired pizza oven

We’ve taken a look at the basic characteristics of a good wood-fired pizza oven, but to make it innovative there are some constructive expedients, like those conceived and invented by Marana Forni:

  • Oven rotation: a rotating pizzeria oven improves product quality thanks to the cook plate that always stays hot all over, cooks uniformly, and facilitates insertion/extraction.
  • Lifting of the cook plate: the SU&GIU function: It lets you lift the cook plate to cook it at the height where the temperature is optimal. The plate is made out of a high-density material that also allows for greater heat transfer and recovery.
  • Three openings: wood loading mouth/view of the flame opening (because it is see-through) separate from the oven mouth; ash drawer/air outlet which lets you regulate the airflow: filling mouth, both for filling the oven and taking out the pizzas, which can be equipped with the optional special filling mouth closure, which keeps outside air from going over the cook plate, keeping the temperature uniform inside the oven.

Choosing Marana Forni therefore means that in your pizzeria you have a tool that boasts the first patent in the world for a rotating oven, the perfect ally for churning out pizzas that astound even the most demanding customers.

Discover more on our website and contact us to try cooking your dough in whatever wood-fired pizza oven you want right at our offices.