What do you need stone for to cook pizza in an oven?

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3 November 2020
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A cosa serve la pietra per la cottura della pizza in forno?

A cosa serve la pietra per la cottura della pizza in forno?

What do you need stone for to cook pizza in an oven?

Stone for cooking pizza: what material to choose for a professional result

Are you looking for a new oven for your pizzeria, or do you have to buy one for the first time? To get top-notch results you really have to evaluate a lot of things, like the plate material.

So let’s see why the stone for cooking pizza in the oven is so important and which to choose.

Stone for cooking: what’s it for?

A stone plate is essential, because based on its characteristics it makes it possible to reach extremely high temperatures and an outstanding result—that is, a pizza with well-cooked, soft and fragrant crust with the topping still moist and not dry.

Six reasons you should choose refractory stone

Cooking pizza on refractory stone is undoubtedly best, and here’s why:

  1. It stores a large amount of heat.
  2. It uniformly distributes and holds in heat.
  3. It withstands extremely high temperatures.
  4. It absorbs the dough’s moisture without drying it out.
  5. It keeps the temperature constant.
  6. It speeds up the cooking process.

Then, since it reaches extremely high temperatures, in a domed oven, the heat stays stable even while the oven is off, an ideal condition for cooking at low temperatures, perfect for example for bread, cookies, slow-cooked meat, and so on—that’s how your oven also morphs into a professional oven for food preparation!

Quality and savings for cooking your pizza

Substantially, choosing an oven with a refractory stone plate gives you various advantages:

  • Best results and job quality.
  • Savings on time spent cooking and consumption.
  • Increased productivity and earnings.

Choose the refractory plate…Marana!

Now that you know how cooking pizza on refractory stone works, choose a product that is innovative from all standpoints: in fact, the whole cooking body of Marana ovens boasts mechanical resistance and resistance to wear and tear, for a high capacity for storing heat and irradiation.

Plus, the stone for cooking pizza in our ovens has a specific weight of 2800-3200 kg/m³ (as opposed to the typical refractory material that weighs 1800-2200 kg/m³) and in fact is six times more resistant to the abrasion of porphyry and the peel’s rubbing.

Moreover, cooking in a Marana oven comes out perfect, because the surface of the cook plate is also microperforated, which lets you:

  • Expose 50% more surface area to the irradiation of the flame compared to regular cook plates, getting more heat storage.
  • Expel moisture from the dough, allowing the flour to settle.

Check out our catalog and discover all the innovations of Marana ovens, which let the cook plate turn all by itself and rise, thanks to the SU&GIU function.

Contact us to find out how the rotating oven works, to get information on fixed ovens and ask for personalized consultancy.