What size is a professional pizza oven?

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5 October 2020
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Quali sono le dimensioni di un forno per pizza professionale?

Quali sono le dimensioni di un forno per pizza professionale?

What size is a professional pizza oven?

How to choose the pizza oven size for your place

Are you no longer satisfied with your oven and would you like to buy a new, faster more efficient one? This tool is fundamental, so you must consider many aspects before purchasing it.

In fact, the characteristics to assess are many, and in this small guide we’ll focus on the size a pizza oven should be.

What are the factors to assess?

You can find professional ovens of any size and shape on the market. Whether it is a wood-fired, gas, pellet, electric, or combination oven, to choose the right one for your business, you’ll mainly have to assess three factors:

  1. The physical space you have available. The space has to be proportionate to the request; if the space is very small, but the demand is high, you have to try to find a space that is large enough for the oven. If instead there is plenty of space, there is no problem;
  2. The place’s productivity (actual or estimated). It’s a shame to over or undersize an oven to the place; if you install a huge oven, but productivity is average, we’ll have a waste of heat. Vice versa, a small oven causes long waits.
  3. The size of your pizzas. The number of pizzas produced is correlated to the size: an oven for nine 30-cm pizzas is much smaller than an oven or nine 33-cm pizzas!

If for example you had your eyes on a particular wood-fired oven, and you assessed its characteristics, check what sizes it comes in and if it’ll be alright based on your requirements.

The sizes of Marana pizza ovens

Let’s make some practical examples to figure out what size a professional pizza oven is, taking into consideration our models in their different versions of size, and therefore capacity, too.

To meet all different kinds of customer and pizza-maker needs, Marana Forni designs ovens with different outer dimensions. The diameter of the cook plate of our rotating ovens can be 85, 95, 110, 130, or 150 cm, while it is 120 cm for regular ovens.  You need to consider that in rotating ovens, the cook plate is entirely for pizzas, because the flame is on the side, while in regular ones the flame and the pizzas touch the same surface.

So for example, in a rotating oven, knowing the cooking time of your pizza and the capacity of the oven, you can calculate production like this:

60 / Y x P = number of pizzas/hour

There being 60 minutes in an hour, Y is the time to cook a pizza completely, 3.5 minutes and a seven-pizza oven. Let’s do the math:

60/ 3.5 x 7= 120

We’ll have 120 pizzas/hour. We calculated 3.5 minutes, because let’s consider a half minute to put the pizzas in, 2 1/2 minutes of cooking, and a half minute to take them out. In business plans they advise you to be pessimistic, so you will have positive surprises when on the job! So let’s calculate an oven filling every five minutes:

60/ 5 x 7= 84

See, if our pizzas cook in 2.5 minutes, and the oven is for 7 pizzas, let’s take into account 84 pizzas/hour, and then if it’s more than that, all the better!

Choose your (rotating) oven… Marana!

The size of a pizza oven is undoubtedly important, but this tool must be quality and facilitate the pizza-maker’s job. Precisely to meet these needs, in 1992 Marana Forni invented rotating ovens of different sizes, but also with different functions based on the type of job: Classic rotating, SU&GIU rotating (with plate lifting system), and Genius rotating (cooks in just one turn).

Instead Marana’s regular ovens  are RNP-certified.

Find out more on how the rotating oven for pizzerias works and all the other avant-garde technological models, material, coverings, and the look.

In fact, Marana’s ovens are chosen at the most important shows about pizza and are loved in over 85 countries around the world.

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