Why pizza cooking in wood-fired ovens is so good

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5 October 2020
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Perché la cottura della pizza nel forno a legna è così buona

Why pizza cooking in wood-fired ovens is so good

All the secrets for achieving a perfect pizza cooking in a wood-fired oven

Are you about to open your pizzeria and would you like to install the classic wood-fired oven? The choice of this element must be well thought out, because it influences how you work and the food quality.

Cooking pizza in a wood-fired oven (or powered in another way) can in fact really determine your place’s success, and by using an innovative product you don’t even have to be an expert in handling the fire, or be a professional pizza-maker.

But what wood-fired oven do I choose?

Five characteristics that a good wood-fired oven must have

The flavor and fragrance of well-cooked pizza are unmistakable! So now let’s take a look at what elements to assess when you choose your wood-fired pizzeria oven:

  1. Shape. It has to be circle or oval shaped to maintain optimal airflow on the inside and to achieve perfect cooking on every point.
  2. Vault. It has to be made out of refractory material so it can reach high temperatures. The shape changes based on the dish to cook.
  3. Door. In must follow the proportions, because if the mouth is too high over the dome it loses heat during opening. In fact, heat goes up, so the mouth has to stay down low.
  4. Cook plate. This part, too, must be made out of refractory material to withstand high temperatures and wear and tear (caused by the rubbing of tools for cleaning), but also to guarantee outstanding performance and heat recovery.
  5. Temperature control. Wood-fired ovens have to have a thermometer to check and make sure the temperature stays constant and yield pizzas cooked and golden brown to a T, with no burning.

What wood-fired oven do I choose?

We’ve seen that the crux of pizza cooking, whether it’s the classic Neapolitan, the pinsa, the Roman-style pizza, the gourmet, or another kind, lies in the choice of oven.

To meet the needs both of professional and nonprofessional pizza-makers, Marana Forni makes various models, all equipped with innovative solutions, that facilitate the job and allow you to up the productivity of the place (and so, the earnings).

For example, in our catalog you’ll find:

  • Napulé Oven: a model that springs from a partnership with the master Neapolitan pizza-makers, it is certified by the Real Neapolitan Pizza Association (not just in the wood-burning, but also the gas version).
  • Rotoforno: invented and patented by Marana, it boasts cook plate rotation, cooks entirely on its own to guarantee uniform pizza cooking in the wood-fired oven (but also gas and pellet), thanks to the heat that distributes uniformly. Plus, you can choose the model with SU&GIU function, another innovation by Marana, which lets you raise the cook plate and cook at the optimal height based on temperature. Ideal for any type of pizza, to the point that more and more Neapolitan professionals are choosing Rotoforno SU&GIU.

All our ovens have characteristics that let you combine tradition, innovation, and design. Choose the one suited to your needs by looking at the website, but contact us to get more information and make an appointment.